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Do Not Buy A Car Now!

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So, buckle up, and let’s hit the road together!

The Greenlight: Revive Your Ride with Ford’s High-Flying Battery Drones!

Car Parts: Bits and pieces of the latest automotive news

Dashboard:: Don’t Buy a Car Now!

Around the Car: Chrysler Customizes a Minivan for Passengers with Autism


Revive Your Ride with Ford’s High-Flying Battery Drones!

Ford’s Patent for Drone Swarm Technology Could Revolutionize Car Jump-Starts

  • 🚀 Ford’s got a shocking patent in the works, and it’s all about juicing up your car’s dead battery like a boss.
  • 🚚❌ Say goodbye to service trucks, because a squad of quadcopter drones is swooping in to save the day, Street Drift style.
  • 👯‍♂️ These airborne allies are a true dream team, using their robotic arms to connect and deliver power to your ride.
  • 🚗🤖 Whether you’re in the driver’s seat or letting your car do the work, these high-flyers have your back.
  • 🤔 Ford’s keeping us on our toes, not confirming if they’ll use the patent, but they’re definitely scoping out other drone tech opportunities.
  • ⏳ We’re just biding our time until Ford invents a drone that can fix its own broken buddies. Until then, keep drifting and stay charged!

Car Parts!

1- ‘Spiderrific!’- Experience the thrill of the open road with the T.33 Golden Murray spider supercar – powerful, lightweight, and exclusive.

2- ‘ GLS Revamp!’- Both the AMG GLS63 and Maybach GLS600 join the party with their own updates, delivering high-performance and ultra-luxury in one sleek package.

3- ‘Power-Play’– New M version of the 2 Series coupe drops this spring, boasting a 453 horsepower M4 engine – and it’s as fun to drive as ever.

4- ‘Genesis Thrust!’– Genesis amps up its style with the GV80 Coupe concept, hinting at more sporty cars to come.

5- ‘E-Visionary’- Rivian is charging full speed ahead, staying on course to produce 50,000 EVs in 2023, with nearly 8,000 already delivered to happy customers in Q1.


Don’t Buy a Car Now! Here’s Why It’s One of the Worst Times in Decades

  • 📈 Hold onto your wallets, Street Drifters! Vehicle prices are soaring higher than ever since 2020, as per Bureau of Labor Statistics data.
  • 🆙 New or used, it doesn’t matter—prices are way above 2019 levels, and we’re feeling the burn in our pockets.
  • 📉 Good news? Inflation for used cars is on the decline since December 2022, but we’ve still got a long road to 2019 prices. New car prices, however, remain sky-high.
  • 💰 In the past five years, new car transaction prices jumped nearly $12,000, while used car prices are nearly $9,000 higher than in February 2018.
  • ⏰ Flashback to the 1970s and 80s, the last time we saw price hikes like these bad boys.
  • 🎢 Buckle up! The used car market’s more volatile than ever, skyrocketing by 45% in just 12 months.
  • 🚙💨 Consumers are shifting gears, leaning towards larger and pricier pickup trucks and SUVs.
  • 💸 New car buyers ain’t playing, opting for higher-end models with all the bells and whistles, driving up those prices even more.
  • 🏭 Automakers are fueling the fire, producing more expensive cars and creating incentives for higher prices.
  • 🚗💨 The decline in leasing trade-ins and rental car companies battling consumers for limited 3-5-year-old vehicles also adds fuel to the used market fire.

Around The Car

Chrysler Customizes a Minivan for Passengers with Autism

Chrysler’s “Calm Cabin” Minivan Package Soothes Passengers with Autism

🚐🧩 Chrysler’s teaming up with the Autism Society of America to bring some Zen to the Pacifica minivan with a new “Calm Cabin” package—perfect for passengers with autism who need a chill vibe on the go. 😌✨ The package comes loaded with soothing accessories like a sound and light therapy device (with different modes to suit your mood), a silky velvet seat belt cover, a soft-touch travel pillow, and a 12-pound weighted sensory blanket for the ultimate in cozy comfort. 🎒💼 Plus, there’s a seat back organizer with slots for the therapy device and tablet, and extra room for books and drawing tools. It’s like a mobile Zen den! 🌸🗓️ The Calm Cabin package is set to hit the streets this spring, so get ready to ride in style and serenity.

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