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Dubai’s ‘Number 7’ sold for $15 million

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The Greenlight: Ford Mustang: This Decade’s Bestselling Sports Car

Car Parts: Bits and pieces of the latest automotive news

Dashboard: Modifications Applied to US EV Tax Credit Eligibility Criteria

Around the Car: Polestar’s New EV: No Rear Window Needed


Ford Mustang: This Decade’s Bestselling Sports Car

The Ford Mustang Reigns at this top position with more than 1 million car sales

  1. Mustang Day (April 17) is like the pony car’s birthday – let’s bust out the cake and candles for this 1964 debut! 🎂🎉
  2. Mustang has been top-dog in the sports car world for 8 years – it’s basically the LeBron James of the auto game. 🏀🚀
  3. S&P Global Mobility says the Mustang is the GOAT of the past decade. That’s right, it’s the Tom Brady of cars. 🐐🥇
  4. From 2013 to 2022, over a million (1,018,807) Mustangs were sold – that’s enough to fill a small country with muscle car madness! 🏡🌎
  5. In 2018, the Mustang gang hit a home run, selling their 10 millionth car. They’re practically the Beatles of automobiles! 🎸🎯
  6. Dave Bozeman, VP of Enthusiast Vehicles for ‘Ford Blue’ and ‘Ford Customer Service Division,’ is like a proud parent at graduation, gushing over the Mustang family and its loyal fans. 💙🎓

So, strap in and let’s toast to this legendary ride on Mustang Day – it’s time to party like it’s 1964! 🚗💨🍻

Car Parts!

1- ‘Unmissable’- 2024 Lincoln Nautilus SUV has giant dashboard screen you can’t unsee

2- ‘Record-breaking!’- Seven-figure license plate! Dubai’s ‘Number 7’ sold for a breaking record of $15 million in a charity auction

3- ‘US-expanded!’- Polestar to start production in South Carolina from 2024, says CEO

4- ‘Juiced-up!’- Nissan: Aiming for 80% electrification across model line-up by 2030

5- ‘Bold.’- Subprime Shutdown: U.S. Auto Sales, a dealership for customers with humble credit, closes temporarily amid mounting pressures in the auto market.”


Modifications Applied to US EV Tax Credit Eligibility Criteria

Get ready to pop some champagne, or maybe just charge up that EV, ’cause the Treasury Department has dropped the final list of cars eligible for the full $7,500 tax credit! Only the crème de la crème made the cut, with automakers proving that their battery components are as American as apple pie – or at least 50% sourced from the US or its trade partners.

  • The Treasury Department has issued a final list of EVs that qualify for the full $7,500 tax credit.
  • To qualify, automakers had to provide information proving that at least 50% of their battery components and 40% of their critical minerals are sourced out of the US or out of its trade partners.
  • Excluding the Chevy Blazer, Equinox, and Silverado, there are only eight vehicles available for the full tax credit, and if Pacifica PHEV and Aviator PHEV happen to be excluded, there are only six pure EVs that qualify for the full tax credit.
  • Popular vehicles like the Nissan Leaf, Rivian R1T, and Volkswagen ID.4 crossover no longer qualify for the EV tax credit after not meeting requirements.
  • The changes to the EV tax credit qualifications will be effective by Tuesday, April 18th.
  • The following EVs are available for the full $7,500 credit:

1. Cadillac LYRIQ

2. Chevrolet Bolt

3. Chevrolet Bolt EUV

4. Chrysler Pacifica PHEV (plug-in hybrid EV)

5. Ford F-150 Lightning

6. Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring PHEV

7. Tesla Model 3 Performance 8. Tesla Model Y

Around The Car

Polestar’s New EV: No Rear Window Needed

Meet the Polestar 4, Volvo’s brainchild and the newest electric SUV on the block. It’s so cool, it doesn’t even need a rear window! Talk about breaking the mold! This bad boy rocks a full glass sunroof like a VIP skybox for rear passengers – stargazing never looked so stylish! But, how do you see behind, you ask? Forget traditional rearview mirrors! Polestar 4 goes full 007 with a digital rearview mirror that gets video feed from a roof-mounted camera.

Packing a punch with a 544 horsepower all-wheel-drive system and a 272 horsepower rear-wheel-drive option, the Polestar 4 is the Hulk of EVs. And with a 102 kWh battery pack, it offers 300 miles of range – perfect for those spontaneous road trips! Starting at around $60,000, the Polestar 4 is set to roll out of its Chinese production lines and into the US market next year. Get ready to ride in style with this electrifying beast!

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