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How to bargain for your new car?

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The Greenlight: Tesla Batteries: Straight Up Vibin’ with Mad Longevity Skills

Car Parts: Rapid News

Dashboard: April’s New-Vehicle Market Rides the Wave, But Will the Party Last?

Around the Car: How to bargain for your new car?


Tesla Batteries: Straight Up Vibin’ with Mad Longevity Skills

Yo, EV squad! You won’t believe the news we’ve got today. Tesla just flexed its battery game, showin’ off that their car batteries only degrade by a mere 12% after a mind-blowing 322,000 km. Yeah, these battery bad boys ain’t playin’ around!

Longevity and degradation rates are hella crucial for us electric vehicle homies, always stressin’ about replacin’ that vital, expensive component. The 2022 Tesla Impact Report tells us that Model S and Model X batteries are expected to lose an average of 12% capacity after 322,000 km of use. Talk about some next-level endurance!

But hold up, there’s even more! Turns out, the battery is straight up outlastin’ the electric vehicle in most cases, without slashin’ its range too much over its life cycle. Keep in mind, though, mileage ain’t the only factor messin’ with battery degradation—age can throw a wrench in there too.

The Impact Report also serves up some other tasty info nuggets. For instance, the cost of ownin’ a Tesla Model 3 is about $0.49/1.6 km, which is just a tad over $0.46/1.6 km for a Toyota Corolla, despite the huge price difference between the two whips. Factors like lower maintenance costs and that sweet, sweet cheap electricity help level the playin’ field.

And let’s give a shoutout to Tesla’s SuperCharge network, rockin’ an uptime between 99.74% and 99.96% over the past five years. That’s some mad reliable juicin’ action right there!

Tesla Model 3 Lastly, the report highlights that trucks are responsible for 18% of vehicle emissions in the US, but they only make up a measly 1% of the fleet. Tesla’s lookin’ to shake things up with its Tesla Semi electric truck, which guzzles 2 kW of power per 1.6 km and has a range of up to 805 km when fully loaded. Plus, shippin’ costs are about 2.5 times lower than fillin’ up a conventional truck with diesel, resultin’ in savings of up to $200,000 over the first three years of operation.

So, there you have it—Tesla batteries be straight vibin’ with mad longevity skills, changin’ the game for EV ownership. Keep doin’ your thing, Tesla!

Car Parts!

1.EV: Honda, a major automaker, aims to combat carbon emissions by exclusively offering battery-electric and hydrogen-electric vehicles worldwide by 2040.

2.Launching soon!-Aurora self-driving truck service to launch in 2024

3.Another EV-Mercedes power boost for evs-now available as one time purchase

4.Untangled!-Toyota Vehicle Output Hits Record as Supply Chains Untangle

5.I beat You-GM Plans to Beat Apple and Android at the Car Software Game by joining the Eclipse Foundation open-source software alliance as it aims to create cars that are as sophisticated as smartphones.


April’s New-Vehicle Market Rides the Wave, But Will the Party Last?

Buckle up, party people, because we’re cruisin’ into some exciting new-vehicle sales stats! 🚗💨 Cox Automotive predicts that April’s new-vehicle sales will zoom past last year’s figures, thanks to inventory levels that are getting more swole than a gym rat on protein shakes. 💪

April’s annual new-vehicle sales pace is expected to hit a whopping 15.1 million, which is 0.8 million more than last April’s 14.3 million pace and up from March’s 14.8 million level. We’re talking a 2.3% increase from last year, and all of this is happening with one less selling day in April! 🗓️🚀

Charlie Chesbrough, senior economist at Cox Automotive, is all like, “Hey, we’ve got more cars on dealer lots, so there’s more choice for shoppers who’ve been waiting to buy that sweet ride.” 🚘🛍️

But hold on to your hubcaps, because it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. 🌈 While sales have been holding steady so far in 2023, some slowdown is expected in the second half of the year, with economic headwinds potentially putting the brakes on new-vehicle sales recovery. 🌬️🚦

So, there you have it, gearheads: April’s new-vehicle sales are revving up, but keep an eye on that rearview mirror, because things might slow down later this year. 🏎️💨 Stay tuned and stay groovy! ✌️

Around The Car

How to bargain for your new car?

So, you thought no-haggle dealerships meant no wiggle room? Think again, my car-savvy friend! While these dealerships might be sticking to their guns on the purchase price, there are still other components you can negotiate to score a sweet deal.

Sure, they’ve got their inventory priced like a bunch of overachievers, but you can still flex your bargaining muscles on things like trade-in value, extended warranties, maintenance contracts, accessories, additional services, and financing rates (but keep in mind, that credit score matters!).

Buying a new car? Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and investigate various manufacturer incentives like student discounts, supplier discounts, competitive conquest discounts, first responder discounts, military discounts, and more. Just be sure those discounts make it to the final price.

As for used car purchases, don’t be shy to ask for a little extra TLC, like having the dealership perform upcoming maintenance or address any flaws, like fixing a scratch or sprucing up the interior. Remember, even at no-haggle dealerships, there’s always room for some creative deal-making!

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