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Is Your Car Watching You?!

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Here are the destinations for today:

The Green Light: Will Your Car Leave You on its own? Have you not made your

monthly payments?

Car Parts: Bits and pieces of all that you need to know about recent automotive news!

Dashboard: Could a Big Electric Truck Be More Polluting than a Small Gas-powered Car?

Around the Car: Seems Like Auto-rickshaws are the New Luxury for US Diplomat

The Green Light!

Will your Car Leave you, on its own, have you not Made your Monthly Auto Payments?

Your beloved Ford is now entertaining the “just a thought”- of implementing a system that permits your car to leave you on its own the moment you stop paying your monthly auto payments.

With this thought comes the question: How will this be Possible?

Well, guess what? Before your car gets to the point where it leaves you behind to face the world on your own, it will first bug you with a series of annoyances that, according to Ford, is a “multi-step repossession procedure”, which includes:

– Messages on the owner’s smartphone and car screens will be sent in demand of acknowledgment or perhaps immediate payment.

– Cruise control, air-conditioning, and radio might stop working (some of these features have been implemented in other vehicles)

– The radio might emit an unpleasant, irritating sound whenever the owner is present in the vehicle

– Refusing to unlock doors in case of negligence of messages

At an advanced stage of this repossession procedure, the car will receive a command to quit its owner by parking itself in a place easily accessible for a tow truck to retrieve it (i.e., by a sidewalk). If the owner happens to lock the car in the garage or somewhere impossible for it to drive itself, then we go back to old-fashioned human interference.

In a case of a medical emergency, though, the car could be enabled to either coordinate with emergency medical personnel to come to the location or drive itself to the nearest emergency room. After that, the car will immediately return to locking out its owner.

Well, after all, this might not have been your expectation of a car utopia; if you don’t pay up, you will have to face it all!

Car Parts

1- ‘Chipmaker’s Shares Go Down as Tesla Plans to Decrease the Use of Silicon Carbide’ – Tesla is planning to decrease the use of silicon carbide transistors by 75%, according to a statement by powertrain engineering leader Colin Campbell on Wednesday. Investors are worried about the threats this poses to the industry of chipmakers.

2- South Carolina Picked by Scout Motors to Hold the New $2B EV Plant’ – A Volkswagen Group automotive company- COLOMBIA, S.C., announced its plans for launching a $2 billion electric truck and SUV manufacturing plant, kissing the borders of Columbia, South Carolina.

3- ‘Mexico- The Next Destination For Tesla’s Car Making’– According to the governor of Nuevo Leon, Tesla has notified him that the company’s plant there would be of Tesla’s biggest.

4- ‘Why Legendary Mercedes is Giving up on its F1 Car Concept?’– After Mercedes qualified within six-tenths of pole position for last year’s Formula 1 season launch in Bahrain, it was viewed as a highlight of the team’s potential.

5- ‘Tesla Recollects Around 3,500 Model Y Cars for Loose Bolts’– Tesla is recalling 3,470 2022-2023 cars of Model Y, due to insecure second-row seats’ back frames.

6- Tesla Steps Closer to the Premium German Car Brands’– Tesla sales go beyond one million for the first time in 2022.

7- ‘Digital Twins: The Secret Behind Automaker’s Superpowers’ According to experts, digital twins that are now fusing both the physical and virtual worlds could be the solution to cut costs, shorten marketing time, and ensure a safe and secure working environment.

8- Urus Hybrid Lamborghini’s New Model is Spotted Testing in Sweden– 2023 welcomes Lamborghini’s new and refreshed models ready to unveil.
Here is your new Urus


Could a Big Electric Truck Be More Polluting than a Small Gas-powered Car?

Now your vehicle will have a green score, which is presented to you by The non-profit research organization- The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

Part of the ACEEE’s work is distilling an assortment of pollution, fuel economy, and emissions data into one green score circle. This analysis aims to contemplate the vehicle’s environmental impacts, as well as costs to human health from the moment you take the first breath to the moment you utter your last.

According to senior transportation research analyst with ACEEE- Peter Huether, “Not all electric vehicles are created equal. Inefficient and heavy EVs have lower environmental impacts than similarly sized gasoline-fueled cars, but they underperform more efficient EVs”.

In the below chart, ACEEE compared three vehicles available in both gasoline-fueled and electric versions: Volvo XC40 Recharge Twin, Mini Cooper Hardtop, and Ford F-150 truck.

While electric versions of the cars appear to cause significantly less environmental damage than their gasoline-burning counterparts, lighter and more efficient vehicles cause less environmental damage, regardless of power source.

Around the Car:

Seems Like Auto-rickshaws are the New Luxury for US Diplomats!

New Delhi: Antony Blinken- United States Secretary of State, chose an auto-rickshaw over his bullet-proof cars on the way to the US embassy in Delhi while on an official visit to India for the G20 Foreign Ministers Meet and Raisina Dialogue.

Blinken is seen coming out of a three-wheeler in one of his tweets.

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