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Mexican baller buys $53 million super Yacht.

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The Greenlight: Mexican baller buys $53 million super yacht

Car Parts: Super Yacht, SilverStar, and many more

Dashboard: Juicy Intel on the Superyacht Industry

Around the Car: Kirsten Neuschafer just crushed it


Italian Sea Group: Sells Eco-Friendly Panorama SuperYacht to Lucky Mexican Buyer

Check this out: Italian Sea Group (TISG) just sold a rad 53m hybrid Admiral Panorama 53M superyacht to a Mexican baller. This bad boy’s got a crazy sustainable e-MOTION propulsion system, making it a lean, green, cruisin’ machine! 🌱🚤

We’re talkin’:

  • Smooth energy distribution for all onboard party zones 🎉
  • Variable speed generators flexin’ to keep consumption low 💪
  • Sick indoor-outdoor flow for a zen-like harmony 🧘
  • 8 hours of power for all services and comforts of zero-emission, noiseless power for ultimate stealth mode 😎

With room for 12 guests in 5 swanky staterooms, this is the ultimate eco-luxury ride. The countdown is on for December 2025 delivery! 🚀

Car Parts!

1- ‘Super Yacht’- 111M concept 111 is now unveiled by Bannenberg & Rowell

2- ‘A Hit of a Kind’- Third Baglietto’s Dom 133 Hits the Water

3- ‘Ocean-census!’- A supreme initiative to explore and catalog the biodiversity of Earth’s oceans was announced on 27 April 2023.

4- ‘Expanded!’- Port Denia Superyacht Marina –Barcelona, and Shipyard announces expansion.

5- ‘SilverStar’- The Stunning Admiral S-Force Silver Star Superyacht unveiled.


The Adoption of Forward-Looking Sonar (FLS) Technology in the Superyacht Industry

Get ready for some juicy intel, my friends! We’re diving deep into forward-looking sonar (FLS) tech, which is like a superhero power for navigating the unknown depths of the ocean. 🌊🔍

Some quick facts for ya:

  • FLS gives us real-time, high-res images of the sea floor – perfect for dodging debris fields and sneaky uncharted areas.
  • But hold up! Despite all these advancements, superyachts are slow to adopt FLS systems. What’s up with that?
  • The Superyacht Agency found that only half of 30m+ vessel operators use FLS, but most of the others would consider installing one in the future.

Turns out, earlier generations of sonar systems were kinda like trying to navigate with blurry glasses. 🤓 Limited range and resolution meant moving super cautiously, even with read-outs showing clear paths.

At the end of the day, it’s all about dodging obstacles and avoiding groundings (yikes! 😱). FLS systems can be a lifesaver, but their usefulness depends on the situation.

And hey, while electronic charts are cool and all, they can’t beat real-time data. So, superyacht peeps, let’s get on board with FLS, shall we? 🛥️🌐

Around The Car

Hold on to your hats, folks! Kirsten Neuschafer just crushed it as the first woman to win the 2022 Golden Globe Race – a solo, round-the-world yacht extravaganza! 🌍⛵️🏆

She spent a wild 235 days at sea before crossing the finish line in France. Simon Curwen trailed 10 hours behind, and Abhilash Tomy is up next.

Kirsten rocked a Cape George 36 cutter, Minnehaha, that she knew could both win and survive the gnarly Southern Ocean. Spoiler alert: it did, and with slightly higher speeds than the other boats. 🌊🚀

This absolute legend fought tooth and nail to lead the pack, hand-steering like a boss and taking a coastal route to climb that leaderboard. Talk about fierce determination! 💪🔥

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