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· The Green Light: Amazon’s New Self-Driving Cars

· Car Parts: Kia Preventing threats and more

· DashboardAutomotive Industry Standards

Around the Car: The Top 10 Picks for Cars, Trucks, and SUVs by the 2023 Consumer Report

The Green Light!

Will Taxi Drivers Stop Being on Demand with Amazon’s New Self-Driving Cars?

An Amazon-owned startup that manufactures autonomous vehicles- Zoox, has just celebrated the successful test of its self-driving Robotaxi last week, through a test in which the vehicle moves on a public road for the very first time.

The test which was part of the launch of a ‘free-of-cost employee shutter service’, took place on February 11th, as Robotaxi drove itself on a road between two buildings at Zoox’s headquarters in Foster City, CA. The self-driving car carried the company’s employees as passengers while driving on its route, which covered a distance of one mile. Robotaxi has declined the use of the brake pedal and the steering wheel, due to the car’s feature which does not require a human driver. The seats of this exquisite car, are built facing each other with the aim of facilitating conversation between passengers. This car which was built from scratch can accommodate four passengers, with two on either side. Although this car can reach a maximum speed of 75 miles/hour, it only operates at a speed limit of 35 m/hr on the Foster City route. The vehicle is also built to travel 16 hours before recharging, with two battery packs, one under each row of seats.


1- New Car Prices Drop Below Sticker– The average price Americans used to pay for a new car, just dropped back below sticker. –CNN

2- ‘Owl Autonomous Imaging Releases Convolutional Neural Networks Whitepaper’– The availability of a new whitepaper that elaborates on how the Owl Thermal Ranger TM is now using convolutional neural networks (i.e. CNN), in order to accurately and responsibly classify and locate animals or pedestrian from their own thermal signatures, using just infrared camera – ROBOTIC’S TOMORROW

3- ‘Tepid European Auto Recovery Will Ignite Competition While Electric Car Growth Slows’- Europe’s car market must be ready to face heated competition, as sales are on the rise, while electric sales are taking a break for the moment.- Forbes

4- ‘Hyundai, Kia offer software upgrade to 8.3 million U.S. vehicles to prevent thefts’– Tiktok videos that are made to show how to steal cars, led Hyundai Motor and Kia Corp to offer software upgrades to 8.3 million U.S. vehicles, to help restraint the rush increase of car thefts. – Reuters

5- ‘Ford Will Build a U.S. Batter Factory with Technology from China’– A Chinese company that is the world’s No. 1 in the field of electric battery making, -CATL, will be granting technology to Ford’s $3/5 billion plant in Michigan. –New YorkTimes

6- ‘Stoichiro Toyoda, who led Toyota’s surge into U.S. market, dies at 97’-The second-generation leader of Japanese auto giant Toyota, who oversaw a bold U.S. expansion during the 1980s, through manufacturing plants and aspiring goals while Detroit’s carmakers struggled with the critical reality of international competition, died on Feb 14th, at 97 years of age. The Washington Post

7- “Lamborghini CEO Says Investing in Electrification Will Safeguard the Brand’- Stephen Winkelmann- Lamborghini‘s CEO, is holding Lamborghini’s hand as it steps up the electrification frontier. – Edmunds

8- ‘Electric Car Giveaway: Nissan Leaf Winner Announced’- Rory gave the lucky winner of a brand-new Nissan leaf a ring to confirm the good news. Watch now at – AutoTrader


Roland Berger’s Industry 4.0, Sets the Automotive Industry Standards for Digital Manufacturing:

The levels of predictive maintenance and vision-based quality inspection, are hitting high standards of success

Several circumstances usual delay or even lead to the failure of digital manufacturing, for instance, the use of outdated equipment, or large production sites with IT/OT architectures. As for that, this Roland Berger new study on “the current state of industry 4.0”, is here to show you the four factors that top the list of secret ingredients of the key success factors for digital manufacturing; these factors include:
1- Prioritizing applications
2- Selecting dedicated people to join the 4.0 team
3- Defining a synchronized IT/OT target landscape
4- Focusing on individual employee training

According to a Partner at Roland Berger- Bernhard Langefeld’ “In the meantime, companies have in some cases invested a lot of money, but most of them are still far away from the original vision of an intelligent, fully flexible, and self-organizing factory.”

In recent years. The automotive industry has made recognizable progress in the 4.0 industry. It is shown by the consultant’s analysis which is backed by the experience of pioneer manufacturers and suppliers, that digital leaders rely on organizational setups that efficiently enable a centralized approach to solution development, in order to drive, identification, prioritization, and implementation of use cases. This improves efficiency, by avoiding the repetition of the same work at different company facilities. Besides, having one central body in control, makes it easier to scale up, across multiple plants.

However, competency in data is required for the implementation of individual use cases. This is one of the reasons OEMs normally collect their digital activities on a crossfunctional basis in Industry 4.0.

The central team will be able to set stable requirements and launch new applications, in close coordination with the company’s plants.

Companies will also need an over-arching IT/OT architecture, for them to be able to manage various specific implementations.

The study pinpointed some bullets of some of the boldest successes of the automotive industry; here are some that we picked for you:
– Autonomous material handling is being used specifically in intralogistics for the assembly of the engine and the vehicle.
– Modern track and trace systems are contributing to the achievement of a greater process, by supporting the supply chain.
– Preventative maintenance of plant and machinery, besides condition monitoring are at a recognizable scale of technical advancement.

Around the Car!

The Top 10 Picks for Cars, Trucks, and SUVs by the 2023 Consumer Report

The seven selected models are either fully electric or hybrid. According to the Senior Director of Automotive Testing at Consumer Reports, “Electrification is changing the market, and making a really good option,” adding “and I mean electrification, not just battery electric vehicles”. This really emphasizes the noticeable change that the market is currently going through. The selection of modes by Consumer Reports targets several price points based on its assessment of new vehicles, highlighting affordability and safety. This year’s selection of hybrids and EVs pointed out, that fuel efficiency and reliability act as an advantage over vehicles of models with an internal combustion engine

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