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Say Bye to your Tesla Now!

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The Greenlight: The 2024 GLC Coupe

Car Parts: The legendary “Black Ghost”, Silicon Valley Bank’s X auto industry, and much more

Dashboard: Pre-Owned Sales Continue to Soar

Around the Car: Tesla driving away


The 2024 GLC Coupe: A Ride That’s Green, Mean, and Oh So Clean

Peep-peep here comes your ride for today! Open the door and get into The 2024 GLC Coupe with the new 300 4Matic Hybrid version. We at street drift couldn’t sleep before we got you all the juicy details you’ve been waiting for….

Here is your ride

  • The 2024 GLC Coupe is slightly larger than the previous model, making room for all your cool car gear (and friends, if you’re feeling generous).
  • Now introducing the new 300 4Matic Hybrid version, which means you can go green and still look cool doing it.
  • The exterior has had a bit of a facelift, with higher headlights, thinner taillights, and a redesigned rear. It’s like the car went to the gym and came back looking like a whole snack.
  • The interior is on point with a 12.3-inch driver screen in a floating style, and a touch screen oriented vertically. It’s like your car is your new personal assistant.
  • The GLC Coupe retains the same 2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine as the regular GLC, but with a 48-volt mild hybrid system producing 255 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. Yeah, it’s fast AND green.
  • The AMG Line package is standard for all coupe SUVs, which includes a Mercedes-Benz center ratio AMG grille and 19-inch wheels (20-inch optional). You’ll be turning heads left and right with this baby.
  • The drag coefficient has been reduced to 0.27 with the revised shape, so you’ll be slicing through the wind like a hot knife through butter.
  • The leather-lined dashboard comes with a range of wood veneers, and a panoramic sunroof is standard. It’s like you’re driving around in a fancy cabin in the woods.
  • The technology features are top-notch, including heated seats, a Burmeister 3D surround sound system, wireless phone charging, and the revamped MBUX infotainment system. You’ll never want to leave your car.
  • The GLC Coupe comes with advanced driver assistance systems, including a 360-degree surround view camera for close-range maneuvering and an Off-Road mode with Hill Descent Control. You can basically drive this car anywhere and look good doing it.

Car Parts!

  1. No Injuries! : A Citroën Ami quadricycle flips over on Monaco’s notorious Formula One corner, with no serious injuries reported
  2. Any lOSES? : What is the impact of Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse on the auto industry and companies that have financing from it?
  3. Story Time: MotorTrend’s new animated show, “Super Turbo Story Time”, produced by Titmouse, tells larger-than-life car culture stories in a fun and comedic style, featuring celebrity hosts, active interviews, and energetic animations.
  4. The First Look: The all-new Kia EV9 will fill a spot that desperately needs filling: the all-electric, three-row, mass-appeal SUV that has somehow not yet arrived.
  5. The return:The legendary “Black Ghost” Dodge Hemi Challenger R/T-SE street racer has surfaced after being in hiding for 40 years, and it will be auctioned by Mecum in May 2023.


Certified Pre-Owned Sales Continue to Soar, as Car Buyers Snatch Up Deals

February has been quite the month for the certified pre-owned (CPO) car sales industry. In fact, CPO sales rose another 1.9% from January to February, reaching a whopping 205,946 units sold! That’s almost 3,900 more than last month! And get this, compared to February of last year, that’s over 14,000 more units sold, marking a 7.3% increase in sales. Can you believe it?!

But wait, there’s more! Used retail sales have been estimated to have gone up 3.5% compared to last year, totaling 1.7 million units sold. However, the sales pace did tick down from January’s level, which was at 19.9 million, to 18.8 million.

According to Charlie Chesbrough, senior director of economic and industry insights at Cox Automotive, the numbers are showing that CPO sales are not going to take a hit this year as previously predicted. In fact, CPO sales are up nearly 14% from last year! Automakers are even expanding their CPO programs to include older vehicles because of the short supply of younger off-lease units.

Toyota had the highest CPO sales volume in February, while Honda and Hyundai had the largest year-over-year gains in CPO sales, followed by Ford.

Now, hold on to your seats because Cox Automotive is forecasting CPO sales to decline by an additional 11% in 2023 to 2.2 million units, which is the lowest CPO volume in 10 years!

Around The Car!

His Tesla Drove Away

I’ve got a crazy story that’s gonna make you wonder if Tesla’s software is smarter than we think. So, this dude from Vancouver, Rajesh Randev, had a wild ride in someone else’s Tesla Model 3 – without even knowing it!

He unlocked the car with his Tesla app, hopped in, and drove away, thinking he was in his own car. Turns out, the car he got into was the same make and color as his own and was parked right next to it! I mean, talk about a case of mistaken identity!

It wasn’t until Randev noticed a crack in the windshield, and the charger wasn’t where he left it, that he started to suspect something was off. But the real kicker? The owner of the car he was driving actually texted him, saying, “Hey Rajesh, do you drive a Tesla?” Talk about a modern-day fairy tale, huh?

But wait, there’s more! After returning the car to the rightful owner, Randev actually managed to get back into the same car and drove it to pick up his kids from school. It’s like something out of a James Bond movie!

Now, I’m not saying this is a good idea, but maybe we should all try unlocking random cars with our Tesla apps and see where we end up. Just kidding, don’t do that. But seriously, Tesla should investigate how this mixup was possible and make sure it doesn’t happen again. After all, we don’t want our cars getting into the wrong hands – or do we?

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