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The Juicy Yacht Secrets Juicy Yacht Secrets!

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The Greenlight: Juicy Yacht Secrets Finally Spilled!

Car Parts: Bits and pieces of the latest automotive news

Dashboard: Retail Statistics, January 2023

Around the Car: Rev Your Engines, Multiverse Awaits!


Juicy Yacht Secrets Finally Spilled!

Bilgin 163’s Eternal Spark ignites excitement with new design details and a debut at the Monaco Yacht Show!

Check it out, we got a new yacht in town that’s gonna make all the other ones jealous. This baby’s got it all it is straight-up boujee!

  • Spacious living areas with windows so big, you won’t even need Instagram filters for that natural light
  • Sizable exterior spaces that’ll make you feel like you’re living the high life (because you are)
  • Four decks, five bars, and seven socializing areas – because why have one when you can have seven? this is basically a floating party palace!
  • Interiors designed by Hot Lab to give you that modern, warm feeling (just like your favorite coffee shop)
  • Full-height round glass wall, floating staircase, and skylight – because boring stairs and walls are so last season
  • Sunken-level beach club with a sauna, ice fountain, day head, and wet bar – because you can never have too many ways to relax
  • Built with steel and aluminum (so it’s tough as nails and won’t sink like the Titanic)
  • Equipped with twin CAT C32 engines, so you can feel the wind in your hair and the salty air on your face as you hit top speeds of 16.5 knots. Yacht life, baby!

Car Parts!

1- Flamethrowers!– Flaming Recall: Hyundai and Kia call back 570K vehicles over a potential fire hazard.

2- Revolting– Tesla’s square wheel experiment hits a bump in the road as Model S and X owners flock to the round wheel retrofit.

3- Bummer!!– Looks like the Ford Mustang won the muscle car battle, with the Chevy Camaro being left in the dust!

4- ‘Yach-xury!’- Princess Yachts has set sail on a new level of luxury with the announcement of its 25.43-meter S80 yacht, leaving competitors feeling like they’re all at sea.

5- ‘Jolt!!’- US-China EV collaboration at risk with new Treasury guidance.

6- ‘Zapocalypse!’- Ford to break out business units in financials


Retail Statistics, January 2023

Revving Up: Retail Sales See 1.4% Increase Driven by Motor Vehicles and Fuel Stations in January.

  • Retail sales shot up 1.4% to a whopping $66.4 billion in January. That’s some serious cha-ching!
  • Sales increased in 7 out of 9 subsectors, which means 88.7% of retail trade is doing pretty darn well.
  • Motor vehicle and parts dealers, as well as gasoline stations and fuel vendors, are the real MVPs with the highest sales increase at 3.0% and 2.9%, respectively. Keep those engines running, baby!
  • Core retail sales increased by 0.5% in January. It may not sound like much, but that’s a solid half a percent, people!
  • And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, retail sales also increased by 1.5% in volume terms. That’s right, we’re making it rain out here.
  • Just a heads up, these Monthly Retail Trade Survey figures are based on NAICS 2022 classification. So basically, we’re dealing with some fancy-pants data here.
  • But hold your horses, the advance estimate for February suggests retail sales may have decreased by 0.6%. Don’t worry though, we’re not hitting the panic button just yet. This estimate is based on responses from only 51.0%, so there’s still hope that sales could pick up.

Retail Sales Boom, due to higher sales at motor vehicle and parts dealers:

  • Motor vehicle and parts dealers had a 3.0% increase in sales in January. That’s more than some people’s annual salary!
  • New car dealers saw the second-largest increase since May 2022. Looks like people are tired of hitchhiking.
  • Other motor vehicle dealers had an 8.9% increase, and used car dealers saw a 0.7% increase. Looks like people are realizing that buying a used car isn’t so bad after all.
  • Gasoline stations and fuel vendors had a 2.9% increase in sales in January after a decline in December. Looks like people are back to filling up their tanks and taking road trips again.
  • Unfortunately, sales at gasoline stations and fuel vendors decreased 0.6% in volume terms. Maybe people are just taking shorter road trips?
  • Gasoline prices rose 4.7% in January due to refinery closures caused by winter storm Elliott. Looks like winter storms aren’t just a pain in the butt for shoveling snow, they’re also a pain in the wallet.

On a Province Level:

  • Alberta takes the crown with a 2.9% increase, thanks to all those motor vehicle and parts dealers hustling hard
  • Ontario comes in strong with a 0.7% increase, also thanks to those car dealers and food and beverage retailers holding it down
  • British Columbia with a 1.8% increase, led by the motor vehicle and parts dealers yet again
  • And don’t sleep on Vancouver – they’re crushing it with a 3.4% increase in sales. Keep it up, Vancouver!

Around The Car

Rev Your Engines, Multiverse Awaits!

Lancia gears up for electric comeback with new cars and virtual showroom

Lancia is back, baby! And they’re not just dipping their toes in the electric car game, they’re cannonballing right in with three new models. They’re even reviving the Delta – talk about bringing back the classics!

And don’t think for a second that they’re not upping their style game too. The Pu+RA Zero concept is giving us a sneak peek of their new design language, and they’ve already given their logo a fresh new look.

But wait, it gets even better. They’re bringing their showroom straight to the Metaverse, so you can check out their sweet rides from the comfort of your couch. Plus, they’re planning to expand all across Europe with 70 showrooms in all the important cities.

Stellantis ain’t playing around, they’re sticking with Lancia and all their other struggling brands. Get ready for some electric excitement, Lancia is here to stay!

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