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What to do with my junk car?

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Today we got
The Special Sunday Drive: What can I do with my junk car?


What should I do if repairing my car costs more than the car value?

Yo, what’s up, car enthusiasts? If you’re stuck with a ride that’s got more issues than Vogue, you might be wondering what the heck to do with it. Well, don’t worry, because we’ve got some tips to help you out of this sticky situation.

First things first, get a few repair estimates before you throw in the towel. Dealerships can be pricey, so consider hitting up an independent shop that uses reconditioned parts. You might be able to get the job done for a fraction of the cost.

If repairs aren’t your thing, you could always list your car for sale as is. Believe it or not, there are people out there who are willing to buy non-drivable cars and fix them up. It might not be a bad option if you’re looking to make a quick buck.

Another option is to sell your car to companies that specialize in buying less-than-perfect vehicles. Carbrain and Cashforcars are a couple of examples (*Disclaimer: we’re not affiliated with them, we’re just giving you the deets). They’ll make you an offer and even come to pick up your car.

Last but not least, you can always donate your car. This can result in some sweet tax savings if you include it in your charitable contribution deduction. Just make sure to talk to your tax professional to see if this is the right move for you. You’ll also need to figure out the value of your car and might need to get it appraised.

Hope these tips help you make the best decision for your ride. Keep cruising!

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